Single Release date February 14th 2020



Born in Middletown, Ohio and relocating to Nashville, Tennessee in 2017. Josh Mack is a cross between psychedelic rock and outlaw western. Writing songs about the light and the darkness with lyrics that paint vivid visuals. Inspired to play guitar at age 11 by artists like Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, and Black Sabbath. Josh also found interest in developing his finger style technique by players like The Tallest Man On Earth and Ben Howard. In 2019 Josh Mack released over 30 tracks with vibes that range from stomping on a suitcase live, to In studio psychedelic rock tunes. In 2019 Josh signed a publishing deal on select songs with Black Toast Music, a boutique catalogue that offers music to clients like HBO, Amazon Prime and FX. Currently Josh Mack produces and releases his music independently.





Nashville, TN, USA

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